Service Options

Faithful Companions Service Options

  • Individual Pet Cremation - pets are cremated individuallly and returned to you in a metal urn with an ink paw print.
  • Group (Communal) Pet Cremation - your pet is cremated with other pets. Your pet's cremated remains are not returned to you.
  • Witness Pet Cremation - the pet owner takes an active role is starting their pet's cremation. After starting the cremation, the owners can, if they choose, remain at our funeral home until the cremation is completed.
  • Pickup (removal) - the death of the pet occurred at your home. Families ask us to come to their home to transfer their pet to our pet crematory.

  • Pet Memorial Service - some families desire to have a memorial service with their pet's cremains in our funeral home.

What makes Faithful Companions unique?

Faithful Companions Pet Crematory provides the best overall value in pet cremation services in northeast Wisconsin. Prices are consistently the lowest in the area, and the award-winning staff is available to serve your family 24-hours per day.

With two locations, east and west Green Bay, Faithful Companions is accessible to all of the greater Green Bay area. Faithful Companions also offers a chapel for families to spend time with their pets, as well as a wide selection of urns, monuments, and other pet merchandise.

With each individual pet cremation, Faithful Companions includes an ink paw print, as well as a decorative metal urn. The cremated remains are also returned with a certificate of authenticity, which guarantees that you are receiving your pet.


Pre-planning is very important for pet owners who know they will choose cremation. It allows the owner to pick out merchandise when they are not overcome with grief. You have the peace of mind that everything is taken care of financially and you lock in todays price for cremation. Call and set up an appointment today to give yourself some peace of mind.

If you have any questions regarding our service options and/or pricing, please feel free to contact us via phone (920-432-5202 / 920-499-1062) or through our website.